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About Designhand Limited

David Partis - Founder
David Partis - Founder

Designhand was formed in late 2005 by David Partis after 20 years experience in the computer industry.

David had spent the last 15 years in management roles, 11 of which were at Hewlett Packard in Auckland and David was starting to question the future of working for a big corporate company and wondering where he would be in 10 years time.

Davids background was electronics, television and computers and after having a small website built for a holiday house in the Ruapehu by a friend, David started tinkering with the site and starting to develop initially an interest as a new found hobby; later in to a passion for web design.

Davids first reaction to HTML was 'is that it?'..he was amazed how straight forward the code had become.

Designhand was formed initially as a part time business and it was evident very early on that there was a change in the market and websites were becoming not only cheaper to build but more of a requirement than ever before. In the early days websites were a luxury and a sign of a big company with a large marketing budget.

The merging of Macromedia and Adobe back in 2006 led to a change in the quality and integration of the software and the lowering of the price and extension of broadband networks made it possible for the average person to have a website of their own.

As a consequence, Designhand decided to offer a portfolio of services that cater for general small businesses and specialise in small to medium business websites, including e-Commerce websites and associated services.

Camper Van
Designhand's Mobile Office

The philosophy of Designhand is to create simple, clear and fast loading websites using up to date design techniques to cater for search engine optimisation and ensure the fastest possible loading speed without compromising the look and feel the customer is wanting to portray.

Designhand is based in two locations, Waimauku, north of Auckland and Owhango, south of Taumarunui in the Ruapehu District.

This gives Designhand a larger base to work from and we consider with the internet today it doesnt matter where you live or your customers live.

David has recently taken this concept to the next level and now has a mobile office that he travels around in while delivering Web Design Training throughout the country, along with the two offices Designhand can cover the whole of the North Island. With easy access to wireless internet and the self containment of camper vans today, why not?

Visit our Portfolio page and read about what some of our customers have to say.

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